Saturday, December 29, 2007

¡Hola de Madrid!

Mikey and Danny here in the city que nunca duerme. The reason why we steal the title from nyc is simple: the clubs here dont even OPEN until midnight, and stay open til the sun comes up, and in some cases til 10AM. Take that, big apple. That said, after an overnight flight where we landed at 3am our time, we did sleep. Siestas rock.

So far on our voyage, we have learned a few things. Here´s our top 10 so far:

uno) Much like Miami, everyone in Spain seems to know exactly three words of English

dos) "OMG" translates to "QMD¨(Que Mi Dios), as we learned from a teenage girls' gossip magazine

tres) Two things in life are certain: Hot Dogs and Starbucks

cuatro) Spain Hearts Ham

five-o) Waitresses are NO WHERE near as friendly when they dont work for tips, ultimately shooting down Mikeys theory that all waitresses love him for him :(

seis) The drinking age over here is 16, and the legal age of consent is 13...don´t ask how we know this

007) Danny Hearts Siestas...and ham

ocho) Spaniards live like college students: midday naps, late-night meals, party til dawn and work if you have time

nueve) Madrid loves gambling, demonstrated by half-mile lines for lottery tickets and casino cafes on every block

the big 1-0) Judging by how we´ve struggled in a country where we´ve studied the language, in France...We´re f*cked

So its just past 9 o´clock SPT, (Spanish people time) and we gotta go get ready for dinner, then wé´re hitting up the bar and club scene, so expect a much more exciting blog tomorrow. Hasta Luego Peoples

PS. We are also making a documentary on our travels to bring back for everyone, so our stupidity is on record. Dont expect blue planet or anything, but hopefully it´ll be a good insight into our trip. PAZ!