Wednesday, January 2, 2008


So our new years consisted of meeting droves of people, Pouring champagne on hundreds, starting a huge cheer, and then there was everything not in the thirty minutes prior to 2008... Let me explain.

So, when you last heard from us, it was new years eve, upon which we decided it best to figure out which was better, American McDonalds, or Spanish McDonalds: Spanish in a heart beat. After our gourmet meal, we headed off to begin the celebrations. We walked most of the city that day, so we rested as the square filled. Now, this was NOTHING like times square, which you have to show up to like 24 hours before just to be able to be uncomfortable; no sir, it was 9pm and there was more than ample walking room. This was a dirty trick by those spaniards, as i thought Maloney was gonna kill me for booking a shitty New Years destination. Ten O`clock rolls around... the square is filled, but not packed... we go down because if theres plenty of space, then theres no need to be up in the room. We make friends easily, as we have for most of the trip, and around 11 decide to bring the stuff down. I go to walk the maybe 400 ft back to hotel to get it, and notice how friggin quick these Spaniards are: The square, and everything around it is packed. I go back, get Danny, and head up to the room.

In the room, awaiting us were our preparations: multiple bottles of champagne, and 12 grapes each, as is custom in Espana (thats spanish for spain). In the next ten to twenty minutes, we watch tens of thousands of people descend on the Puerta Del Sol from the safety of our sanctuary. Now i know what most of you are thinking... "WHAT PUSSIES!!!". Let me remind you the coolest people at mardis gras are the ones above the streets (sadly, we didnt think to get beads). Yeah, now youre feelin me. Back to the action...

So as we jam out on the balcony, dancing, singing along with all the american songs theyre playing, yelling at the passers by and wearing our wigs (you might remember danny telling you about this weird shit... well, we gave in, as we found the coolest wigs imaginable. Yup, you guessed it, the Wendy's guy wig [from the commercial... keep up dammit]) we prepare: the bottles are opened, the glasses are cheersed, and the grapes prepared.... as the countdown lessened, our popularity increased as we kept all the people below us up to date on the time. With one minute left, we told our fans, and started a HUGE cheer in the puerta del sol, definitely one of the coolest things ever, as the entire square began to cheer. At midnight, the grapes were eaten one at a time, and the fans either decided to love us or hate us as i popped multiple champagne bottles from 3 stories up and proceeded to make it rain.


We then proceeded to have fun with the crowd over the next hour, as it never died down; with people dancing and singing and drinking everywhere. Now, this isnt official, but i think we also set a record for highest champagne pour, as i attempted to make it into the mouths of two fun loving patrons of the square (to be honest, i didnt try too hard, as it was funnier watching them, mouths agape, arm in arm, under a waterfall of suds) We got all this on tape, dont worry.

Eventually, the party died down around our hotel, so we went into the square, and proceeded to make more friends, dancing with people, getting lots of comments for you guys back at home, partying with brazilians, eating weird cookies with mexicans (i know, it sounds bad, but i promise, they were clean [and dont ever let maloney find out the truth people ;p]), buying beer from a chinese lady, and even got caught up singing kanye west with italians. Then a beautiful young lady comes up to me, and proceeds to ask



She then says...


hmmm, not the adoration i expected, but all i could say was...


Happy New years guys, more coming soon, from Paris

PS She ended up loving us and taking pictures after we met... I SWEAR!!!
PPS Her boyfriend, however, did not...


That's about one of ten words we know in French, yet oddly it hasn't been so hard to get around, perhaps because we've been uber touristy thus far. It's been a pretty busy 2 days in Paris; we even almost forgot to blog!!

Today we went to the Tour Eiffel. Having been up the Empire State, Top of the Rock, etc...I really wasn't all that excited about it, but now that we've been...oh my goodness! A) it's a lot of fun going up the lifts, B)we met fellow Floridians (if Tampa counts) ahead of us in line and C) from 900 feet in the air, Paris is beyond breathtaking. It lived up to all the hype...and made the 2+ hour wait in the below-freezing cold seem inconsequential. I can see now how Paris came to be known as the most romantic city in the world. (Megan, we've gotta come here together!)

My second favorite site thus far was probably Notre Dame by night. We're staying nearby in the Latin Quarter and I wanted to see the Seine on our first night; needless to say, I never expected the eyeful that I got when we turned the corner and bam! We see this! The cathedral, which is unbelivably detailed given it's gargantuan size, took ~180 years to build, but was worth every second. It's really kind of absurd, because we're finding random gorgeous buildings every way we look. It's made me realize just how much of a newbie we Americans are from a historical perspective. Maybe we should build some palaces or cathedrals or something.

Running out of time in the internet cafe...eeks! So some other quick highlights:

1. I got Mike to try a crepe! I lied and told him it was a burger to do so, but it worked!

2. Today we found the Musee du Vin. My heart was all aflutter until we discovered it was just a cleverly named restaurant, not a true wine museum.

3. They're big on comics here...Star Wars and Simpsons memorabilia everywhere...

4. The history of Franco-American friendship is strongly evident in Paris. We've already stumbled across a smaller replica of the Statue of Liberty, Avenue de President Kennedy and Avenue de New York.

5. Our first hotel room (we've relocated to a bigger one) had exposed original wood beams, kinda like exposed brick in Boston. Thought it was weird at first, but now I think I liked it...

6. Parisian macarons...omg!

7. I think the tiny Smart cars are fun. Let's get those puppies in the States!

Coming up: To the Louvre! The Arch de Triumph, The Moulin Rouge, Cruising the Seine, Sacre Coer and much much more!