Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Clothesless in Miami...

So, last you heard from the 2stupids, we were leaving Paris (much to Danny's shagrin), and heading home. There should be no story to be had there... but it's us, and stupid shit to us it like assholes to women (somehow, someway, its attracted to us) So we leave Paris again on one of the most uncomfortable airlines ever to be created (Easyjet), and arrive back in madrid. Now, this was one of the not so fun parts of our trip, because we booked two completely different flights, both international: one from miami to madrid and back with an overnight layover in London, and then another from Madrid to Paris. We had to go through customs in madrid, security, then get our bags from luggage claim, then check BACK in, go through customs and security AGAIN, and get on another flight from Madrid to London. Yeah... Paris was worth it, but it still sucked.

So we get through the madrid airport fine, which is a great airport if you ever go there, or stop over there. We then fly over to London, where our night would begin. We land, we dont have to worry about getting our bags because there being put on the flight to Miami automatically, and then we pay some bag guys 7 pounds each to hold our backpacks until the morning. Why would we do that? Cuz we got 8 hours to kill, and a hotel would cost the same as seeing one of the greatest cities in the world for hours without sleeping. So... in classic fashion, we stroll out of the airport, having just spent close to 350$ for 160 British pounds, and a head on our shoulders to see london.

We had many misconceptions about the capital of the UK. We thought for sure that the first time we needed direction, it was gonna be so comforting to hear our own language. After getting our money, we go to the baggage drop place, and ask the guy how it all works, and it was then that i learned a very valuable lesson: American needs to be considered a language, because we CERTAINLY dont speak english. I understood the SPANIARDS better then this guy. It was bad.

The second misconception was that London would be alot like Paris. It wasnt. It wasnt a bad looking city by any means, but it was much more like New York then Paris. The buildings were not as nice looking, the architecture not as detailed, and just the over all feel not the same. Now, this is not to say that we didnt like London, but i guess lets just say that when you are at one of the most amazing cities in the world for four days, the next ones gonna have a lot to live up to. Maybe it was just the followup effect that made it seem that way. We went to Buckingham palace, we walked to Big Ben, saw the Eye of London (a huge ferris wheel lit up blue by night) as well as all the government buildings. The highlight of Danny's night was the Gordon Ramsey hotel. Apparently this guy, who I've never heard of (me being much less cultured than my counterpart) is a very famous chef.

There should be nothing else to that. We see the hotel, take a picture, and leave right? ... Wrong... So as we are taking the pictures, two ladies, whom we believe to work there are standing outside, having a conversation, and decide to ask us why the excitement over the hotel. These women then, for some reason or another, decide they want pictures with me in front of it, so danny takes a picture. They then decide to start flirting with me, taking off my hat and putting it on, etc. This lasts for a good ten - fifteen minutes before we escape back into the night. Danny, behind the camera was lucky, for though the 30 yr old was cute, the 40 something was the friskier of the two... and to say the least, i was violated...

We end up back at party central, but too late to drink, as the last drink in London is served at 3am every night. So we go to a cafe where we end up playing hero to two 19 yr olds being harassed by this drunk older guy (probably close to 30). He was trying SO HARD to get with them, but he was just so BAD at it. Like, i know of surgery tables with more game then this guy. So finally, I invited the girls to come sit with us before they ended up fighting the guy (which they threatened repeatedly) And we ended up befriending them. One was a daughter of a famous mtv vj in the UK, and the other a soon-to-be-fellow traveler, so we talked and ate, and afterwards, as we were heading back to the plane, The Maloney once again came out with one of his all time classic lines that he is known for....

"Mikey, only you could get hit on by two girls in one night... one of which who could be the other ones mother..."

Then, its back to the airport for the flight home. We get there, check in, get on, and as danny passes out, i proceed to watch Transformers, Rush Hour 3, and Ratatouille, instead of intelligently sleeping. We arrive 8 hours later, make it through customs, and go to baggage claim. Heres where this should read, "We picked up our bags, left, and lived happily ever after... The End". Should.

Our Bags Are Gone. No where to be found. This sucks.

We try to get multiple people to help us, to no avail, and even end up getting lied to about them showing up an hour from our arrival time on another flight, which we ended up having to wait close to TWO hours for just to figure out we were lied to.

To update you, it is now Tuesday, around 4 pm, and Dannys luggage has been found and is being delivered to him in Cali. Mine is still MIA (if only that meant the airport code) and no one seems to know at American Airlines how to find a lost bag, as all im told is "hopefully it shows up, cause we have no way of tracking them sir. The bar codes we put on them is just for looks"

Not to leave a sour tast in your mouths, aside from the luggage screw up, This trip was one of the greatest times of my life, and one of the most memorable experiences ive ever had. I can't speak for my counterpart, but this trip will be looked up to as the mark that all my future endeavours must meet. I couldnt have picked a better Travel buddy, or a better friend to go with. Thank you Danny for taking part in what can only be described as a phenomenal experience. Thank you all for reading this, and if any continuations are added, we'll be sure to let you know

Coming at you from the good ol' US of A, This is Mikey, hoping not to have to go shopping soon...

Much Love Guys, Peace

PS... pics and vid coming soon, pics just need to be uploaded, and the vids are in dannys lost suitcase, being delivered sometime in the next few days... Stay tuned to Myspace and Facebook for the updates, as we'll set up a photobucket or something to hold it in for you guys...

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Madai said...

Hey MR. Marsala!! well you know funny thing I felt the same way about London when I got there yeah it was a cool place but I was expecting so much more, I don't remeber if I told you this but i did feel like I was in another American State! And don't feel bad about the lauggage London airport is known for misplacing them all the time specially in Winter season.... they will eventually turn up!! I can't wait to see the pics!!