Friday, January 4, 2008


(To the tune of soulja boy`s crank dat)

Louvre Boy up in it (OH!)
Watch Me paint It
Watch Me sculpt
Watch Me do Dat Louvre Boy,
Then DA VINCI Dat (OH!)
Now Watch Me LOUVRE
(Paint and sculpt it)
Now Watch Me LOUVRE
(Paint and sculpt it)
Now Watch Me LOUVRE
(Paint and sculpt it)
Now Watch Me LOUVRE


So, Paris, day 4:

We were straight cultured out. (Danny asked me to put a translation in for that last line: We went to museums). Big, BIG ASS museums. Im talkin nine football fields long. and that was only the first one. Of course as most of you have guessed, i am talking about the Louvre. That place was Ginormous. We easily walked 5 to 10 miles in that thing today... and did i mention that was only the first museum we hit?
The Louvre was amazing: So many priceless pieces of art and sculptures that youve only read about in history books and humanities classes in college. I would love to go into it all, but seriously, neither of us have enough time for that. The building itself was a piece of art. Every nook and cranny was covered in a picture, or a carving, or anything else that is considered art that you could possibly think of. After we left there we headed over to the Musee D'Orsay, which though smaller than the Louvre, still contained more priceless art than i could count. Monet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, Renault, Toulousse, Van gogh, Pissaro, and I swear to God thats only the beginning. Marble floors adorned pricless art on the walls and ceilings. To say the least, now you hopefully understand what i meant when i said...."We were straight cultured out"

We started the day at about 8am (fuckin maloney) and ended our culturings around 6 pm. We went back to the room, and got ready for the REAL culturings (if you ask me) THE CABARET!!!

Crazy Horse Paris: The only REAL crazy horse in the world. Thats how they bill themselves. A real french Cabaret with Beautiful Dancing and Great Champagne, which all surrounded our very good seats. It was an amazing venue, and one I would suggest for everyone. The weird thing about it was i went into this expecting something a little sleazy, i wont lie, but there were more business people and high class citizens of paris at this event then probably i ever could have expected. To say the least, we were under dressed for the occasion. It was an amazing show thought, not dirty or sleazy in the least, as every dancer mustve taken ballet since like, before birth, to do some of the shit they did. I didnt know what to take from this, but dannys favorite part of the show was the two tap dancing guys that came out and did a 1950's style comedy-tap routine early chaplin-esque. Yeaaaaah... Moving on...

So after retaking in a few sites after the show, we are now back in the latin quarter, chillin out, relaxing all cool and all, when a couple of guys that were up to no good, started makin trouble in my - ... sorry. So were gonna be chillin for the rest of the night, and then its Au Revoir Paris. We have so many pictures and film that its almost insane.

We've Loved havin you guys with us on this trip, glad we could keep all of you up to date, and even more happy with the fact that people actually took time to read it. We will have much more coming at you from stateside on sunday once we get back, but this will unfortunately be our last blog of the trip, as we wont be blogging from London as we only have one night there, and then we're back in the states by 1pm sunday. Once again, Much love to you guys, we miss ya, and we will see you soon

Ladies and Gentleman: Thanks for coming out, God Bless you, good night...

MPS. (Maloney Post Script): We do have video of Mike doing the Crank dat IN FRONT of the pyramid at the louvre... can you say YOUTUBE?!?!

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Anonymous said...

Its been awesome being able to hear about the travels in an honest American boy interpretation instead of what we'd get reading a tourism book. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Its been an honor to catch it from this end. Thanks for including us all. Miss you mike!